What is Gold Overlay?

Gold overlay is what 90% of the jewelry we carry is made of. This material compared to 10k solid gold or gold filled is a great alternative to jewelry without the high price tag. It is made with high quality metals and it is considered to be a step down from solid gold or rhodium.

Please DO NOT confuse it with gold plating as gold overlay is more valuable and tarnish resistant WITH proper care and storage. This metal of jewelry is known to last for years with proper care. And for those with sensitive skin no worries of any allergic reaction. 

Care instructions: wipe down after each wear with the jewelry cloth provided (if you did not recieve one with your order please reach out ASAP), no excessive exposure to water; if so wipe down ASAP, do not sleep or do outdoor activities in your jewelry. 

* Unless it’s 10k I can NOT and WILL NOT guarantee you it will not turn or tarnish. Again remember with proper care and following the care instructions your pieces can and will last for months or years depending on YOUR care.*

My goal .......

is to provide you ladies and gents with quality jewelry pieces at reasonable prices. Its really just that simple. My pieces are offered for individual purchases as well as wholesale purchases. Wholesale purchases are for those looking to add accessories to your current boutique/business or just wanna make some extra cash 💰 on the side. Now when I say extra cash I MEAN THAT BUT THAT EXTRA CASH CAN TURN INTO BIG BUCKS 🤑 if you put in the work you can and will be making big figures per month like ME !

So why you are still reading, get to shopping 🛍 already lol 😂 so we can get your order sent out ASAP. 

New inventory is added on the regular so make sure you are signed up for alerts 🚨 ! 

Don't see what you looking for email me .. want a customized bundle email me lets talk. And don’t forget I do offer classes for those looking to learn to make the beaded jewelry and consultations if you aren’t sure which way to go ! Looking for beaded jewelry head over to uniqubeads11.com.

Lady Unique 💜

  • Bracelet Sets

    Mix and match any styles of your choice.

  • Necklaces

    We offer a variety of necklaces styles that are unisex for men and women. The wrapped crystals can be found on my beaded jewelry website.

  • Bangle Sets/Bundles

    Bangle sets and wholesale bundles are available. Many styles are available so feel free to check out our bangle collection.

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